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A dental crown is the perfect blend of art and science, offering a fully functional restoration that benefits your oral health while also improving the appearance of your smile. At Lisa M. Lynch DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Midland Park, New Jersey, the experienced dental team knows that great dental health matters to you. Lisa Lynch, DDS, provides beautiful, high-quality crowns that can make your smile whole again. To learn more about how you can give your tooth the royal treatment with a dental crown, schedule a consultation by phone or book online today.

Dental Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth cap that’s permanently affixed to an existing root structure, like a natural tooth root or dental implant. Once in place, a dental crown feels and functions just like a natural tooth and can even be made to look just like one, too.

Why would I need a dental crown?

By covering up the entirety of your tooth above the gumline, a dental crown can serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Restoring a tooth that’s suffered significant decay or had a root canal
  • Reinforcing a damaged or worn-down tooth
  • Replacing a discolored or misshapen tooth

Dental crowns are also usually placed after a root canal procedure to restore your tooth’s strength and structure.

What are dental crowns made from?

There are a few different materials that can be used in dental crowns, including porcelain or ceramic, as well as amalgam, composite resin, and gold. Each of these materials has different advantages depending on where in your mouth the crown is going to be placed, but porcelain dental crowns are the most popular since they closely resemble your natural teeth. Dr. Lynch can help you select a crown material that’s best suited for your particular needs, preferences, and budget.

How do I get a dental crown?

Dr. Lynch installs your crown in two office visits.

During your first visit, she takes several molds or impressions of your mouth that she sends off to a lab. The lab fabricates your crown to fit comfortably in your mouth and blend in seamlessly with your smile. You wear a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent restoration to come back from the lab, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

To prepare your tooth for the crown, Dr. Lynch numbs your tooth and the surrounding tissue, then shaves off any decay and some of its enamel to make room for the crown.

When you come back for your second visit, Dr. Lynch switches out your temporary restoration for your permanent crown. 

After she checks that the fit is comfortable, she seals it in place with dental cement and sends you back out into the world with a new and improved smile.

How do I care for my dental crown?

The beauty of a porcelain dental crown is that it doesn’t require any sort of special treatment to function well. You can keep it healthy by treating it just like the rest of your natural teeth. 

Your crown can last for years if you brush it twice a day, floss daily, and maintain regular checkups and cleanings with Dr. Lynch. 

Don’t wait any longer to improve your smile. Schedule your visit at Lisa M. Lynch DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry by calling the office or booking online today.